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Vinitaly – Verona, 9 – 12, April 2017

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Vinitaly – the world’s top exhibition in the wine sector – is part of VeronaFiere’s portfolio. VeronaFiere (www.veronafiere.it) achieved status as an international exhibition authority in 1977. It is the leading direct organiser of events in Italy and among the main players in Europe with an average of more than 30 shows per year, more than half of which organised directly. VeronaFiere also began operations abroad in 1998.

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Ski Jumping World Cup – Planica, March 23 to 26, 2017

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Four days of racing, adrenaline and passion in the Planica Valley, the cradle of the jumps and flights on skis. The primates in this discipline one another since 1934 and right here, with a jump of 239 meters, Bjoern Einar Rumoeren in 2005 he set the world record.
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Geneva International Motor Show, 9th – 19th of March 2017

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The 86th Geneva International Motor Show is in the starting blocks!

For the 86th Geneva International Motor Show the New Year is off to a great start: The 106,000 square metres of exhibition space are already completely booked. In addition there will be a half dozen new exhibitors and several who will be returning after a few years’ absence to share the spotlight. Continue reading

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Festa delle Cape in Lignano Sabbiadoro, 4 – 12 March 2017

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The “Mollusc Festival” (“Festa delle Cape”) was created in 1984 by a group of professional fishermen, and it was later carried on by the Fishermen Association A.P.S. “Al mare” of Lignano. The main purpose of this Festival is to introduce to both locals and tourists the great fish variety of our Northern Adriatic Sea. However, the most important thing about this Festival is that the entire proceeds go to charity or non-profit organizations.

The Fishermen Association A.P.S. “Al mare” has been active for 30 years, thanks to the help of the Lignano city council, and especially of the local volunteers.

Following the old recipe traditions, people who visit this Festival can enjoy a great variety of delicious fish dishes, like long molluscs (“cannolicchi”), pevarasse (clams), grilled or breaded sardines, baked sardines with onions (“sarde in saor”) and squids.

During the past editions, the proceeds of this Festival have helped many non-profit organizations, such as “AGMEN”, the “Via di Natale” (which help cancer patients), the Organ Transplant Medical Centre,  the Emergency Children “Bambini in emergenza” (children affected by cancer) and a few local families who’s children are affected by cancer.

The Festival is organized in Lignano Pineta, Piazza d’Olivo.

The Fishermen Association whish to thank the City Council and all the volunteers that have helped and will continue to help the carrying-out of this beautiful Festival.

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Olio Capitale, March 4 to 7 2017 in Trieste

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Showcase of Excellence at the international level is the most important exhibition dedicated entirely extra virgin olive oil, an event unique and specialized with more than 200 domestic and foreign exhibitors has the best productions of this prestigious product.

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Carnival in Venice – 11 to February 28, 2017

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The Doge’s Ball:when the enchantment takes place in the lagoon

Once upon a time there was a city called Venice; a magical land suspended between earth and sea, a reverie of the Orient, right in the heart of Europe. The city, known as La Serenissima, has always been the pride of its citizens and a marvel to those who visit it. For centuries it has enjoyed a well-deserved fame exerting a mysterious and enigmatic attraction, thus making it all the more fascinating.

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Milan Fashion Week, February 22 – 28, 2017

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Milano Moda Donna is the most prestigious event organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, with its two yearly appointments and a network of thousands of field operators that work to make this great event perfect. The woman collection fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system. Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana manages and fully co-ordinates all the events, so facilitating the work of showrooms, buying-offices, press offices, and public relations firms. Continue reading

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Kitzbühel, Hahnenkamm Rennen – 15 / 22 gennaio 2017

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77th Hahnenkamm-Race

From 15 to 22 January 2017, the entire ski world gets Hahnenkamm fever. The best ski athletes in the world will gather in Kitzbuehel to celebrate the highlight of the World Cup calendar. The Streif is considered the most spectacular ski run in the world and will require the participants to tackle almost everything.




Dominik Paris, Christof Innerhofer – several Italian athletes were amongst the favourites for the Downhill. The final winner, however, was in fact a surprise. Italy’s Peter Fill pulled off the second World Cup Triumph of his career here in Kitzbühel. With a decisive performance down the entire course, the man from South Tyrol finished ahead of two other surprise runners up, as Beat Feuz and Carlo Janka didn’t feature amongst the favourite contenders either. Both Feuz from Bern and Janka from Obersaxen were not amongst the highest ranked athletes during the two training runs during the week, but still managed to edge their way to the front with strong performances.

Peter Fill


Jan 19, 2016 :: From 19 to 24 January 2016, the entire ski world gets Hahnenkamm fever. The best ski athletes in the world will gather in Kitzbuehel to celebrate the highlight of the World Cup calendar. The Streif is considered the most spectacular ski run in the world and will require the participants to tackle almost everything.


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Alba white truffle

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Spherical in shape, often slightly flattened and irregular, the truffle has a pale yellow or ochreish outer layer known as the peridium. The flesh, or gleba, is run through by many white, branching veins, and varies in colour from milk white to dark pink to brownish. Truffles vary in size. They are collected from late summer, throughout autumn and up until early winter.

This fungus only grows wild, and no cultivation techniques have been developed so far.

In the refrigerator (3-6°C) wrapped in a paper towel and stored in a sealed glass container. A fresh truffle can be kept for around a week, but should be consumed as soon as possible.

Truffles should be cleaned with a brush under cold water to remove any soil, then carefully dried and consumed after about ten minutes.

A special truffle slicer is essential to shaving the truffle into very thin slices. The finer the blade is adjusted (a few tenths of a millimetre) the more intense the fragrance.

White truffle is a seasoning and should always be eaten raw, never cooked. It is perfect sliced at the table over a fresh egg pasta like tajarin, fried eggs or fonduta (Italian fondue).


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