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Alba white truffle

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Spherical in shape, often slightly flattened and irregular, the truffle has a pale yellow or ochreish outer layer known as the peridium. The flesh, or gleba, is run through by many white, branching veins, and varies in colour from milk white to dark pink to brownish. Truffles vary in size. They are collected from late summer, throughout autumn and up until early winter.

This fungus only grows wild, and no cultivation techniques have been developed so far.

In the refrigerator (3-6°C) wrapped in a paper towel and stored in a sealed glass container. A fresh truffle can be kept for around a week, but should be consumed as soon as possible.

Truffles should be cleaned with a brush under cold water to remove any soil, then carefully dried and consumed after about ten minutes.

A special truffle slicer is essential to shaving the truffle into very thin slices. The finer the blade is adjusted (a few tenths of a millimetre) the more intense the fragrance.

White truffle is a seasoning and should always be eaten raw, never cooked. It is perfect sliced at the table over a fresh egg pasta like tajarin, fried eggs or fonduta (Italian fondue).


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