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48th Barcolana – Trieste, October 1 – 9, 2016

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tacoma dating scene As every year on the second Sunday of October there is the famous sailing regata Barcolana, which compares sailboats of all shapes and sizes for a total of more than two thousand members.

cam to gay Barcola: point of reference, meeting, bathrooms and walk through the city of Trieste.Poche cities have a long sea as well-equipped and experienced to Trieste and then the “Festival of Sail” held the second Sunday in October and which takes place in Barcola could only be called Barcolana. This is a historic European regatta, born in 1969 on the initiative of the Sailing Club of Barcola Grignano.

additional info Every year more than two thousand sails crowding in the Gulf, which is the northernmost point of the Adriatic Sea. The route forms a quadrilateral with fixed vertices of about 16 miles (with a buoy historically positioned in Slovenian waters) and compares, on the same starting line, sailing boats of every shape and size, with a hull of at least six feet length. For fans, the charm of the regatta consists mainly in the ability to be in the same sporting context with professional sailors and their giants of the sea, 30 meters thick hulls born from the pencil of international designers and manufactured according to the latest in naval technology.

More Bonuses Has a valence world regarding competitions of this type being come to be the race with the greatest number of participants: about 25 thousand sailors and a total of 250 thousand people. With regard to the support of the public’s increasing participation thanks to the favorable conformation of the territory, a real sailing venue that allows thousands of people a good view of the bay from the heights of the Plateau Karst of Trieste.

view it now A party who has been attracting the attention not only of the employees or by the lovers of boats, but all of us because it is a celebration of the earth where you can see all kinds of stalls, stands, etc., and the sea with its range boats everywhere, large, small, new models and “old glories.” in recent years, the demand for participation in the Barcolana is increased so as to make it a “world event” broadcast live on RAI. Trieste welcomes all the organizers and each year bring something more and then if the day is like the last edition where sea and sky touching mixing their color broken only by the succession of the sails, then the show becomes breathtaking and makes it even more a fascinating demonstration of his magic already.


Go to the official site: www.barcolana.it

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