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if you are the one dating shows and feminist politics in contemporary china We date back to 1857, in Venice, a magical city, nurtured by mystery which escapes from reality in order to conceal itself among its dark canals, among its innumerable Istrian stone bridges and the antique buildings which are silent witnesses of centuries of history.

click reference It is in this environment, enhanced by fragrances coming from the Orient and spices from afar, in this place of exchange populated by people from foreign lands, among the prestigious San Marco haberdashers’ shops, that Salvadori was founded.
First of all, the company activities were entirely dedicated to watch-making, then, thanks to the passion and, in a certain way also due to Gabriele Pendini’s natural bent for precious stones, Salvadori has also become a tangible expression of high-quality, refined jewellery.
Gabriele Pendini is a member of the most important worldwide diamond exchanges and it is here that he went, subsequently also together with his wife Carla (who later became in charge of ‘designing’ all the Salvadori creations) to purchase the chosen diamonds.

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why not find out more The same goes also for emeralds, sapphires and rubies which were respectively bought in Colombia and Thailand. In 1980, Salvadori came onto the mainland and the company opened a new shop on Corso Palladio, right in the heart of Vicenza. Each jewel, each gem is always accompanied by the certificate of guarantee issued by the gemologists Monica Salvadori and Marzia Pendini who graduated from the Gemological Institute of America as well as international certificates such as HRD and GIA. Moreover, the originality of all the precious creations is guaranteed by the VE 370 brand; these are patented works which are exclusively hand-made in the company workshops.
Yet the Salvadori company history does not limit itself to the magic world of jewellery… it grows together with another antique artisan tradition which has brought the company to offer, in the 21st century, the most prestigious high-quality world famous designer watch labels: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai and Tudor.
Salvadori also avails of two specialised workshops where the technical experts, who annually attend refresher training courses throughout the Geneva area, are capable of guaranteeing exceptional assistance relating to the entire range of classic watches sold, as well as those to suit modern and casual tastes. The outside of the Venice shop has characteristic wooden windows where there is an antique engraving accompanied by a golden hour glass boasting a phrase that Salvadori still uses today: ‘the happiest hours are still to come ‘.
This is the story of a small family-run business which has become, over the years, due to sacrifice, work and love, a synonym of trust and exclusivity.

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